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Dear Future Clients,


As a Photographer for 14 years, with 5 years experience in the wedding industry, I am constantly shooting a plethora of clientele including but not limited to: Family Portraits, Pet Portraits, Maternity, Newborn, High Fashion, Products, Headshots, Events, Entrepreneurs and anything else you can think of.


Providing all clients with high quality archival print products is my specialty as I consider myself to be your personal Historian. Please see some options for services below gallery.


Thanks for stopping by my web page too! I appreciate your time and consideration :) #HistorianForHire

Tracy Ann Simmonds


(305) 767-3685

Portrait Sessions


90 Minute Session

8x10 Standout Print

Digital Zip File Download [up to 25]


2 Hour Session

11x14 Gallery Canvas Print

Digital Zip File Download [up to 35]


2 Hour Session

Makeup Artist

11x14 Gallery Canvas Print

Digital Zip File Download [up to 35]

For large groups I recommend paying the hourly sitting fee of

$150 and then once the gallery becomes available, each party can make their orders individually. See print pricing below. Note:

All traditional prints are mounted on archival quality mounting board, ready to frame [removing the cardboard inserts from your store bought frames of course, they are have a highly acidic composition]

Traditional Print Pricing

5x7  $15.00

8x10 $30.00

11x14 $45.00

16x20 $60.00

18x24 $75.00

24x36 $100.00

Photo Book Pricing

5x5  $150.00

8x8    $165.00

10x10    $180.00

12x12   $195.00