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My Story

Tracy Ann Simmonds

Salutations! My name is Tracy Ann Simmonds & the Innovative Arts brand was born out of my incessant desire to express my creativity. 


After declaring a major in photography my Sophmore year at Columbia College Chicago, the path I thought was laid out for my life took a sudden turn. I continued my professional dance career with Muntu Dance Theatre Chicago while discovering that photography had become my loudest voice! Spending 10 hours at a time in dark rooms became my therapy & telling visual stories brought an invigorating breath of fresh air into my life. 

Fast forward to 2013 after a major relocation to Miami from Chicago, Innovative Arts Photography became dedicated to wedding fancyfair falling madly in love with all of its happenstance. From proposal to ceremony, we love it all! We are dedicated to capturing the deep intimacy of those precious moments using a mix of documentary & editorial styles with film-like aesthetics. My goal is to not only capture you in all of your wedding glory, but to accurately display the inspirational love story that begins your new life of love & unity. 


  • I'm a total neat freak & LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion!

  • I recycle as much as humanly possible

  • Have 3 nephews that mean the WORLD to me

  • I look forward to building a large happy family of my own

  • I'm a dancer for life

  • My Jamaican parents are a riot!...very funny people

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