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Business After Irma...

I still feel like I never will have all of the right words to express how watching humanity experience back to back natural disasters, while hitting us so close to home in South Florida & the Caribbean feels...but here's my humble attempt.

As a Wedding Photographer in South Florida, I have the honor of witnessing and documenting some of my clients most memorable times. The transparent joy that my work brings me spills over into every aspect my life and I could never let anything get in the way of my sunshine for too long! Not even the current state of our democracy lol.

But seriously, we are all still healing from so many fresh wounds and yet...the show must go on. Quite candidly I'm seeing more and more clients with tighter pockets and trust me, I completely understand. I never want to forget that my photography is a gift to those with whom I can share it and I could never avoid my duty as a historian.

In the spirit of progress and love, I've created new price points and a clearer way of describing package contents on my website. Click here to take a look. The password is "appraise" I hope that you wonderful Brides-&-Grooms-to-be remain ever encouraged that with your resourcefulness & determination, despite any set backs, your dreams are around the corner. As a gift to South Florida clients for allowing me to grow and flourish, all couples who book Innovative Arts Photography for wedding services will receive a free engagement session as well as a bonus portrait session of your choosing! BONUS SESSION NEVER EXPIRES!!!

I have some new portfolio work coming out soon too, I've been keeping very busy and will be sharing more of my event photography in South Florida with you all. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and have a phenomenal weekend!

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