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Rings And Things

Accoutrements noun - additional items of dress or other items carried or worn by a person or used for a particular activity, ceremonial in purpose.

As a Wedding Photographer in South Florida, documenting the idiosyncrasies of important historical moments is as much my job as it is a guilty pleasure. While studying in the Photography program at Columbia College Chicago we learned that portraits can be literal, figurative or a combination of both & laced with subtle implications for the viewer to experience. Honestly the average person may see a photo of beautiful wedding rings & not even contemplate it for a millisecond. I, on the other hand, upon viewing the same photo begin to ask a spiraling tunnel of questions internally. Who is the lucky couple to rock these rings? Is that vintage? Where did they get them? Was it a multi-generational family heirloom? Is the main stone significant? Why this material though? Is it engraved? And on and on into the abyss that is the creative mind falling in love with endless possibilities of a storyline.

By now you probably realize how emotionally involved I am with not only the process of making art but also the need to view & enjoy the psychological benefits of having prints in your environment...but I digress. I have taken some time to dig into my wedding photography archives in search of reliving those curious moments. They are created within 10 minutes on client's wedding days but my delightful experience making these ring photographs rushes back to me the moment I lay eyes on them. I hope you enjoy them :) Shalom

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