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Pantone Colors of the year

If I'm allowed to be completely candid, 2020 was a year I wish to forget as quickly as possible for more reasons than one cares to remember. Of course good things do happen in between isolated incidents of doom and one of those was discovering new ideals for telling stories using color as a more prominent tool. I looked up this year's pantone colors to see what insight the color authorities might have for us and was very happy with the findings.

Below are a few test images I made while preparing for the holiday season in my photography studio, Opulence Creative Group. I color graded them for complementary colors as well as ultimate gray.

"It's a combination that speaks to the resilience, the optimism & hope & positivity that we need, as we reset, renew, reimagine & reinvent" -Laurie Pressman [VP Pantone Color Institute]

"Two extremely independent colors highlight how different elements come together to express this message of strength & hopefulness" #pantonequotes

"...connections to other people, our relationships with other people, give us that emotional support" #pantonequotes


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