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Cakes to the Rescue!

" As a child, every single holiday my Step-Dad who did sales for Entenmann’s bakery, would show up to my elementary school all the way in Douglaston Queens with the designer cupcakes that would specifically match the holiday to the tee. 6 boxes of 6!!!! Exactly enough for my entire class including the teacher and it always made me into an instant superhero for the day. Like I could actually feel some heavenly winds blowing through an imaginary cape (puts hands on hips in Wonder Woman stance momentarily). My classmates would scream at first for the excitement, and then even more from the sugar rush LOL. They would know before I knew and they’d say ‘Tracy your dad is here!’ one by one as if they didn't hear the previous one tell me the same. Why? Because they knew they were about to get the best cakes ever. I would jump from my chair to go look out of the class door and see him smiling, delivering pure sweetness and creating the foundation for a future rockstar daughter...ha!

So what does that mean to me? That cakes have a bigger meaning, it’s not just about how sweet they are but it’s about the fact that they turned me into an immediate superhero. Did I say I love cake : ) "

It was fun reminiscing about childhood memories with Tracy Ann today so I decided to take a look at some of the amazing cakes she has captured that include everything from fresh flowers, ribbons, glittery toppers, and beautifully intricate frosting designs. Every bride and groom deserve to feel like superheroes on their special day!

With over 5 years of experience as a wedding photographer located in South Florida, Tracy Ann caters to providing each couple with a one of a kind experience for all of their photography needs, including: engagement, newlywed portraits, wedding, and reception photography in a variety of packages for any budget!

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