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South Florida Bridal Expo by Jenks Productions

The South Florida Bridal Expo held at the South Florida Fair Grounds in West Palm Beach this past Sunday was one of my favorite bridal events this year! The star of the show was by far, Celebrity Stylist & Designer Randy Fenoli from "Say Yes To The Dress". With his charming personality & warm welcoming smile, the Brides & their entourages in attendance were most definitely in an uplifted mood. He was greeting people for hours, seemingly tirelessly hugging all generations present from infant to elder with a wisdom that the Brides were able to dig into in their short moments with him. His calm demeanor was truly comforting and he constantly reminded us that "Say Yes To The Dress" is airing season 14 this Friday! But...I'm sure you ALL knew that! Care to see photos? Click Randy's photo below for the facebook album and feel free to share, just lend a shout out to Innovative Arts Photography on your social media platforms pretty please with a cherry on top.


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