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A Groom's Plan

I remember it like clockwork as I spent the final evening of our family visit to Key Largo wading in the shallow waters behind Ocean Pointe Suites. I heard my phone ring and in elder millennial style ran to grab the call. It was a young man's voice without even a slightly familiar tone, not frantic but definitely uncertain. "Hi I got your number from so and so and I know it's last minute but I'm planning a wedding for my Bride-To-Be tomorrow in Dania Beach. Are you available?" In retrospect I took a mental note like 'did he say planning a wedding FOR HIS BRIDE??!!', and my mind kicked into autopilot. Yes I can make myself available! My family and I left Key Largo early the next morning so I could go home, pack my gear, and make the quick drive to Dania Beach. To my pleasant surprise, I arrived as the Groom and his brother were constructing the wedding arch together, sharing jokes about the lengths some men will go to for their women. I spotted a limo within the hour and knew that his Bride was waiting comfortably and patiently inside for her cue to simply walk down the aisle into her customized romantic fairy tale, the Prince had rescued her from the entire ordeal of wedding planning. With one grand gesture after another for the remainder of the day, I became overwhelmed with feelings of pride, love and honor to witness this family celebrate their newest nuptial narrative. I pray for continued success in their household, coupled with health, wealth and love everlasting.

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