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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Anybody who really knows me knows I can never resist stopping to smell the flowers. I might have to run into Publix and run back out, but if I pass the floral section, I’m going to stop and smell the yellow or peach colored roses. I’m definitely going to smell the lilacs. I’m definitely going to smell the baby’s breath. So I am always searching for the amazing fragrances that are innate within certain flowers. And weddings are no different.

One of the most notable accessories in every wedding (other than the ring of course) are the flowers. They have the ability to tell an entire story with their colors, scents, shapes, and arrangements. Which is why it’s important to not only choose flowers that are significant to your relationship, but to also choose a photographer who can creatively capture them as a part of your special moment.

I believe in capturing the details that are unique to each wedding and its respective Husband and Wife. With over 5 years of experience as an affordable Wedding Photographer located in South Florida, I cater to providing each couple with a one of a kind experience for all of their photography needs including: engagement, newlywed, wedding, and reception photography in a variety of packages designed to fit any budget!

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