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24 Hours Before Your Wedding Day!

As a Wedding Vendor I spend the entire wedding day not only performing photography service but also doing things that help my clients relieve their stress. I came across an awesome website today called The Bride Box, a monthly subscription service and online community that delivers surprise bridal gifts & goodies for brides-to-be and helps you celebrate everything about this memorable time in your lives. Their comprehensive list of "10 things to do 24 hours before your wedding" is perfect for those of you stressing out about the millions of details that come together to ensure you perfect day is nothing short of Aaah-Friggin-Mazing!

My favorites are definitely:

Number Two: Designate a person to be in charge...Choose a person outside of the immediate bridal party to be in charge of last minute questions and logistics...

Number Five: Lay out everything you’ll need the night before...This way you won’t be scrambling for anything in the morning, which can be very stressful...

Number Nine: Spend time with your family...It’s a time for you to all come together and celebrate love...

Number Ten: Focus on yourself...take a little bit of time for yourself and relax...

Check out the full article here. Happy Planning!

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